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microbit pump connectionsA small submersible pump designed for Ph neutral, ambient temperature, non-sticky liquids, ie water. It has a transistor interface with current limiting resistor to the micro:bit output and needs ~6V power to run.

The black lead goes on to GND, the green lead goes on to the Pin 0, 1  or 2 that is being used. The red lead goes to the battery +V and the battery 0V (aka GND or minus) connecting to the micro:bit GND to provide a common ground. See circuit below.

Further details can be found at http://microbit-learning.co.uk/bbc-microbit-plant-watering/

It can generate a 10cm head. Its main use would be for plant / greenhouse watering projects. This shows the pump in the bottom half of a 2 litre bottle.


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Here’s the circuit layout:

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