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Our best value classroom activity pack at 20% less than buying individually – all the accessories needed to run 15 activities in parallel. Teacher notes here, student notes in editable Word formatĀ here.

Item Quantity
LDR Light sensor 2  

microbit one of everything

Potentiometer 5
Water sensor 1
Sound detector 1
PIR movement sensor 1
Temperature sensor 1
Servo 1
Buzzer 4
Headphone 2
Speaker 2
Piezo (buzzer/speaker) 2
Microswitch 2
LED (lamp) 3
USB cable 15
5 croc leads 3
Push Button 1
Soil moisture 1
Water pump 1
Motor 1
Accessory battery pack 1
m:b battery pack 1

Don’t try and count the contents of the picture – it’s from the One of Everything pack.


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