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microbit potentiometer connectionsProvides a variable voltage to an analog input via a twist knob – a volume control if you will. Can be used for any application where a user input across an analog range is required – for instance changing the frequency of the music output or the speed of a motor.

The black lead goes on GND, the red lead goes on 3v and the green lead goes on which ever pin is being used in the program.

This item is polarity sensitive, the red & black leads need to be on the correct connections for the clockwise rotation to provide an increasing value.

Use the analog input blocks to read the sensor value:

microbit read and display analog

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You can use any one of the three pins 0, 1 or 2.

The micro:bit analog input reads from 0 to 1023 for 0v to 3.3v. Fully anti-clockwise the pot. is effectively connected to 0v so will read close to 0, some losses in the connections are to be expected. Fully clockwise the pot. is connected to the 3v so will read up to 1023.


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