Where can I buy these accessories
Right now, only from this website.

What is your order cut off time?
We are not well placed to offer a next-day service. We are often tied up with the business of manufacturing and, in our rural location, we have to hand over our parcels by 3pm. We aim to ship orders the following day so that you get them two days after you’ve ordered.

I need some for tomorrow!!
Give us a ring and we’ll do our very best to help you out. There is one national online distributor that can ship up to 7pm for next day delivery.

Who makes them?
We make our modules, some at our main office and some at sub-contract manufacturers around the UK. PCB’s are UK made by Minnitron, most components are sourced from UK distributors, principally Rapid Electronics and Farnell, the microprocessors come direct from Microchip’s Thailand factory and some relays come from manufacturers in Italy and the Far East.

How long have you been making electronic items?
Whilst Handy Little Modules was formed March 2014, the staff came from TK Consultants which started in 1987.

Where are you?
Our admin office is based in the village of Bradwell in the Hope Valley, halfway between Manchester & Sheffield. We maintain a small manufacturing facility close by. Main subcontracted manufacture goes on in a variety of locations in the Midlands and East Anglia.

Do you operate a Quality Assurance system?
Yes we do, but due to the small size of our operation we are not ISO9001 certified.

How do you test your modules?
Everything is tested by a trained member of staff just before it is put in its plastic bag.

Do you provide technical support?
Given the price point they are sold at, there is a limited amount we can offer but we will do our best to answer questions by email.

What is the warranty on a module?
For reasonable use, we’d expect these accessories to last 5+ years. If you have something that you feel has failed early, please email us to arrange a return & replacement.

I have an accessory that’s dead-on-arrival, what do I do?
Thankfully this is a very rare event – email us and we’ll do our very best to get you a replacement next-day.

Can you change an accessory to do something different?
Yes, we have made a wide range of custom items for our customers.

Can you design me a bespoke accessory from scratch?
Yes, we can design &/or build a solution for you – please email your enquiry.

Are your accessories RoSH compliant?
Yes, all components are RoSH certified and we ensure we use lead free solder.

Are your accessories safe?
Yes, from both handling & electrical perspectives :

  1. We make them robust by crimping & soldering connection and use plenty of heatshrink to prevent them coming apart under normal use.
  2. The micro:bit’s output connectors run at 3v and one of the first projects is to use it as a touch sensor – the voltage & currents involved are too low to affect fit & healthy students.

However, like most small electronic parts, they won’t fare well if swallowed and the results for the swallowee will be variable.