Nick McCloud of Handy Little ModulesWho?

I’m Nick McCloud, owner/manager of descartes, a software development company and Handy Little Modules Ltd, a security electronics manufacturing company.

As a STEM Ambassador going into my local schools to deliver CodeClub and teach some elements of computer science, I could see how learning to code was having a hard time competing with the lure of games consoles. To solve this problem, I’ve designed a low cost (~£10) robot which you can find out more at ChickBot.club.

ChickBot can use a micro:bit as its controller.

Some activities with the a micro:bit need some supporting accessories. So we’ve created them at Handy Little Modules and offer them here for sale.

There will be support documentation to show you how to use these accessories. If the students I work with come up with something very different from the lesson plans on the micro:bit website, we’ll upload them here as well.