More sensors in the works

Thanks to everyone that has given us feedback.

We are working on some additional sensors along with more code snippets. The ‘coming soon’ sensors include:

  • A more basic temperature sensor
  • Piezo buzzer
  • A small speaker in a box (with a basic amplifier), powered by the micro:bit
  • A transistor output that can then drive motors or relays – depending on what you drive depends on whether another power source is required
  • A small low-load motor for the transistor output
  • A dual-colour LED
  • A full colour RGB LED

All products will have code snippets added soon.

We’ve had some requests for ‘the missing manual’ – we don’t have the resources to refactor the BBC materials at present but it is in the back of our minds.

However, if any group of schools or local authority want to arrange a venue & attendees, we’d be more than happy to come and deliver some quickstart training on both micro:bit fundamentals as well as using our accessories in projects.

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